About The DVD Archive

As time passes the rise of streaming services over DVD and Blu-Ray sales have seen one major casualty – the special features, deleted scenes, making-of and especially movie commentaries which we used to be able to watch and listen to.


Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Stan etc are focused only on the actual movie and TV episodes, and rarely present the interesting insights we can learn from commentaries and other extras.

Even watching the movie at a movie theater denies us access to these extras.

Documentaries, commentaries, and deleted scenes can expand our knowledge of the Director’s vision, the actors and their roles and all of the various behind-the-scenes activities of the crew.

For some these extras were not only entertaining but in themselves a kind of film school.

Even if you disliked a particular movie, watching the extra features and being exposed to the work that went into making the film may engender some empathy with the filmmakers, and perhaps prompt a re-watch of the film.

So search for your favourite movie on Netflix, fire up the commentary on this website and enjoy!

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