The 33 (2015)

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The 33 (2015)

120 min | Biography | Drama | History | 13/11/2015
Rating: 5.0 / 10 from 23278 users
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Director: Patricia Riggen
Creator: Mikko Alanne|Craig Borten|Antonio Banderas|Rodrigo Santoro|Juliette Binoche
Actors: Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips,
Official Website: The 33 (Depending on the age of the movie the website may no longer be active)

Hope Runs Deep

Based on the real-life event, when a gold and copper mine collapses, it traps 33 miners underground for 69 days.

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The 33 (2015)


Musical Score5.6
Special Effects5.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.1


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  • Antonio Banderas as Mario Sepúlveda (Actor)
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Laurence Golborne (Actor)
  • Juliette Binoche as María Segovia (Actor)
  • James Brolin as Jeff Hart (Actor)
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Don Lucho (Actor)
  • Mario Casas as Álex Vega (Actor)
  • Jacob Vargas as Edison Peña (Actor)
  • Juan Pablo Raba as Darío Segovia (Actor)
  • Oscar Nuñez as Yonni Barrios (Actor)
  • Tenoch Huerta as Carlos Mamani (Actor)
  • Marco Treviño as José Henríquez (Actor)
  • Adriana Barraza as Marta Salinas (Actor)
  • Kate Del Castillo as Katty (Actor)
  • Cote De Pablo as Jessica (Actor)
  • Elizabeth De Razzo as Susana Valenzuela (Actor)
  • Naomi Scott as Escarlette (Actor)
  • Gustavo Angarita as Mario Gómez (Actor)
  • Alejandro Goic as Lobos (Actor)
  • Bob Gunton as President Piñera (Actor)
  • Gabriel Byrne as Andre Sougarret (Actor)
  • Raoul Pinno as Don José (Actor)
  • Mario Zaragoza as Carlos Castillo (Actor)
  • Paulina García as Isabel Pereira (Actor)
  • Cristián Campos as Hurtado (as Cristian Campos) (Actor)
  • Jorge Diaz as Igor Proestakis (as Jorge Díaz) (Actor)
  • Juan Pablo Auger as Drill Worker (Actor)
  • Leonardo Farkas as Leonardo Farkas (Actor)
  • Francisca Concha as Local Newscaster (Actor)
  • Diego Noguera as Man In Suit (Actor)
  • Sebastián Apiolaza as Pablo Rojas (Actor)
  • Jorge Godoy as Rodrigo (Actor)
  • Marcelo Gutiérrez as Armed Mine Guard 1 (Actor)
  • Carlos Talamilla as Armed Mine Guard 2 (Actor)
  • Trinidad González as Mrs. Sougarret (Actor)
  • Fernanda Ramírez as Ivy Sougarret (Actor)
  • Orlando Alfaro as Mine Worker (Actor)
  • Felipe Álvarez as TV Reporter (Actor)
  • Ignacio De Vries as Communications Technician (Actor)
  • Luis Alberto Aracena as Mine Worker (as Luis Chaparro) (Actor)
  • Henry Bravo as Miner 1 (Actor)
  • Jaime Correa as Miner 2 (Actor)
  • Juan Carlos Solarte as Miner 3 (Actor)
  • William Winston as Miner 4 (Actor)
  • Santiago Carreño as Miner 5 (Actor)
  • Ariel Sierra as Miner 6 (as Miguel Ariel Sierra) (Actor)
  • Nicolas Troya as Miner 7 (as Nicolás Troya) (Actor)
  • Fernando Monge as Miner 8 (Actor)
  • Fredy Yate as Miner 9 (Actor)
  • Pedro Calvo as Miner 10 (Actor)
  • Jonatan Gómez as Miner 11 (Actor)
  • Edgardo Petliuk as Miner 12 (Actor)
  • Elbert Galeano as Miner 13 (Actor)
  • Juan Saldarriaga as Miner 14 (Actor)
  • Luis Hernando Rodríguez as Miner 15 (Actor)
  • Daniel Ospina as Miner 16 (Actor)
  • Hedras Urrego as Miner 20 (Actor)
  • David Quintero as Miner 21 (Actor)
  • Franklin Gutiérrez as Miner 22 (Actor)
  • Fernando Rojas as Miner 23 (Actor)
  • Henry Ortiz as Skinny Miner 1 (Actor)
  • Erik Rodriguez as Skinny Miner 2 (as Erik Rodríguez) (Actor)
  • Edwart Silva as Skinny Miner 3 (as Edwar Silva) (Actor)
  • Fernando Esterilla as Skinny Miner 4 (Actor)
  • Karolina González as Waitress 1 (Actor)
  • Ángela García as Waitress 2 (Actor)
  • Daian Parra as Waitress 3 (Actor)
  • Sojana Ortiz as Waitress 4 (Actor)
  • Lorena Garcia as Waitress 5 (as Lorena García) (Actor)
  • Rosa Garavito as Yonni’s Mother (as Rosa Garavito De Vargas) (Actor)
  • Montserrat Álvarez as News Reporter (Actor)
  • Alexis Catepanopolus as Cameraman (Actor)
  • Tim Willcox as BBC Reporter (Actor)
  • Anderson Cooper as CNN Anchor (Actor)
  • Michel Floquet as French TF1 Reporter (Actor)
  • Salma Al Jamal as Al Jazeera Anchor (Actor)
  • Habib Ghribi as Al Jazeera Anchor (Actor)
  • Mario Kreutzberger as Don Francisco (Actor)
  • Luis Vitalino Grandón as Government People (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Tim Wilcox as Himself (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Patricia Riggen as (Director)

Check the censor’s rating in your region.

Canada:PG (British Columbia) | Chile:TE | Germany:12 | India:UA | Ireland:12A | Japan:G | Mexico:B | Philippines:PG-13 | Poland:12 | Portugal:M/12 | Singapore:PG | South Korea:12 | Taiwan:PG-12 | UK:12A | USA:PG-13 (certificate #49453)

Rated PG-13 for a disaster sequence and some language

Mikko Alanne|Craig Borten|Antonio Banderas|Rodrigo Santoro|Juliette Binoche

  • Alcon Entertainment
  • Phoenix Pictures
  • Fabula
  • Half Circle
Plot for The 33
Plot (Warning: May contain spoilers)

October 13, 2010.

Dozens of people from Copiapó, Chile, work in the San José mine. The owner ignores the warnings of the failing stability of the mine, which collapses a short time later. The only path inside the mine is completely blocked, and the thirty-three miners manage to get to the rescue chamber. They discover that the radio is useless, the medical kit is empty, the ventilation shafts lack the required ladders, and there is very little stored food. Mario Sepúlveda becomes the leader of the miners, dividing the foods rations and stopping the outbursts of violence and despair. The mine company does not attempt any rescue, and the relatives of the miners gather around the gates.

The government of Chile decides on active intervention, and orders the use of drills to reach the chamber. The first exploratory boreholes move off-target, but a later one reaches the required destination. The miners attach a note to the drill bit to announce their survival. They receive new food and clothing, and television communication with the surface. A second, bigger, drill system is prepared to retrieve the miners one by one.

There is drama and tension during the weeks before the successful rescue of all 33 miners, over two months after they became trapped. The story is derived from the August 2010 mine collapse and subsequent rescues in Copiapó, Chile.

The 33 by Wikipedia is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

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