11-55 (2017)

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11:55 (2017)

80 min | Crime | Drama | 2017-06-09
Rating: 4.9 / 10 from 265 users
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Language: English
Director: Ari Issler
Creator: Victor Almanzar|Ari Issler|Victor Almanzar|Shirley Rumierk|Elizabeth Rodriguez
Actors: Victor Almanzar, Shirley Rumierk, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Robin De Jesus, Mike Carlsen,
Official Website: 11:55 (Depending on the age of the movie the website may no longer be active)

Escape your past or surrender to it.

Returning to his hometown, US Marine Nelson Sanchez finds himself trapped by the violent past he had tried to escape.

U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez has run out of time. After being honorably discharged and returning to his economically depressed hometown, Nelson must face the consequences of the violent past he thought he had escaped. Trying desperately to survive the day, Nelson charts an unlikely path to redemption. In a place where the only options appear to be the street or the military, 11:55 captures a young man’s escape from the cycles of violence that have defined him.

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Reviews for 11:55
If you want to see a ‘gangsta’ movie without any significant violence this is the one for you.  The acting is good but the plot is very shallow. Most of the movie is dialogue, and virtually the same conversation is had over and again, just with different people.  Unless you are a fan of Victor Almanzar, Elizabeth Rodriguez or Shirley Rumierk (each of whom puts in a fine performance) not really recommended.
Sincere, sometimes brief performances – including those of John Leguizamo as a disabled veteran, and Julia Stiles as the bitter wife of Nelson’s nemesis – lend necessary oomph to a narrative that can, at times, verge on sleepy. Jeannette Catsoulis
It’s Almanzar’s controlled portrayal of a man who’s learned from past mistakes and recent trauma, though, that will really haunt you. Bob Strauss
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Musical Score9.0
Special Effects10.0
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  • Victor Almanzar as Nelson Sanchez (Actor)
  • Shirley Rumierk as Livvy (Actor)
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Angie (Actor)
  • Robin De Jesus as Rubio (Actor)
  • Mike Carlsen as Nicky Quinn (Actor)
  • Goya Robles as Teyo (Actor)
  • Dominic Colón as Cezar (as Dominic Colon) (Actor)
  • John Leguizamo as Berto (Actor)
  • Smarlin Hernandez as Daiza (Actor)
  • Kareem Savinon as Kade (Actor)
  • Johnny Rivera as Fresh (Actor)
  • John Rafael Peralta as Luis (Actor)
  • Jaime Lincoln Smith as Richie (Actor)
  • Erick Betancourt as Oden (Actor)
  • LaVonda Elam as Joy (Actor)
  • Tavi Fields as Clerk (Actor)
  • Jay Devore as Adam (Actor)
  • Paul Julianelli as Danny Quinn (as Paul Tully) (Actor)
  • Sandra Almanzar as Young Woman (Actor)
  • Zeek Epps as Ticketer (Actor)
  • Jinn S. Kim as Bartender (Actor)
  • Louis Martinez as Shawn (Actor)
  • Todd Skreczkowski as Receptionist (Actor)
  • Julia Stiles as Janine (Actor)
  • David Zayas as Maurice (Actor)
  • Ari Issler as (Director)

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Victor Almanzar|Ari Issler|Victor Almanzar|Shirley Rumierk|Elizabeth Rodriguez

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  • Washington Square Films
Plot for 11:55
Plot (Warning: May contain spoilers)

11:55 is a 2016 drama film about a US Marine returning to his hometown, where he struggles to escape his violent past. The film was written by Ari Issler, Ben Snyder, and Victor Almanzar. It was directed by Issler and Snyder, and stars Almanzar, Shirley Rumierk, Goya Robles, Elizabeth Rodriguez, David Zayas, Mike Carlsen, John Leguizamo, and Julia Stiles.[1] The film’s plot and sensibility contain echoes to the classic Westerns High Noon (1952) and 3:10 to Yuma (1957).

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