3-10 to Yuma (2007)

Cast & Director

3:10 to Yuma (2007)
122 min | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Western | 31/01/2008
Rating: 7.7 / 10 from 241127 users
MPAA Rating: MA15+
Language: English
Director: James Mangold
Creator: Halsted Welles|Michael Brandt|Russell Crowe|Christian Bale|Ben Foster
Actors: Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Logan Lerman, Dallas Roberts, Ben Foster,

Time waits for one man

Russell Crowe plays a desperado whose accomplices stage an ambush after he is taken into custody by a determined local sheriff in this remake of the 1957 film starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin. James Mangold directs a script based on the Elmore Leonard short story and penned by Stuart Beattie, Michael Brandt, and Derek Haas. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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An exciting action western portraying an outlaw that is cruel but can demonstrate compassion and empathy.
Mangold’s film is more than sufficiently subtexty and cynical for our modern sensibilities while simultaneously embracing Mangold’s obvious pleasure in the Westerns’ time-honored swinging saloon doors and stern masculine traditions.Mark Bourne
The editing is tense and there’s mucho splatter but the climax is unforgivable for reasons I can’t spell out — and owes something to a recent picture I can’t name.David Edelstein
Both actors are among the best, most intuitively creative we have, and whatever transpires offscreen in Crowe’s case, onscreen they only serve their characters. Neither man showboats here, and it’s a thrill to watch them work Boston Globe - Ty Burr
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Musical Score9.5
Special Effects9.5
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Extras / Clips from 3:10 to Yuma
Behind The Scenes
Walk Away
Fight Scene
He Ain't Listening
Bar Scene

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  • Russell Crowe as Ben Wade (Actor)
  • Christian Bale as Dan Evans (Actor)
  • Logan Lerman as William Evans (Actor)
  • Dallas Roberts as Grayson Butterfield (Actor)
  • Ben Foster as Charlie Prince (Actor)
  • Peter Fonda as Byron McElroy (Actor)
  • Vinessa Shaw as Emma Nelson (Actor)
  • Alan Tudyk as Doc Potter (Actor)
  • Luce Rains as Marshal Weathers (Actor)
  • Gretchen Mol as Alice Evans (Actor)
  • Lennie Loftin as Glen Hollander (Actor)
  • Rio Alexander as Campos (Actor)
  • Johnny Whitworth as Darden (Actor)
  • Shawn Howell as Jackson (Actor)
  • Pat Ricotti as Jorgensen (Actor)
  • Ramon Frank as Kinter (Actor)
  • Deryle J. Lujan as Nez (as Deryle Lujan) (Actor)
  • James ‘Scotty’ Augare as Nez (as James Augure) (Actor)
  • Brian Duffy as Sutherland (Actor)
  • Jason Rodriguez as Tighe (Actor)
  • Kevin Durand as Tucker (Actor)
  • Chris Browning as Crawley (Actor)
  • Chad Brummett as Kane (Actor)
  • Forrest Fyre as Walter Boles (Actor)
  • Luke Wilson as Zeke (Actor)
  • Benjamin Petry as Mark Evans (Actor)
  • Arron Shiver as Bill Moons (Actor)
  • Sean Hennigan as Marshal Will Doane (Actor)
  • Girard Swan as Deputy Harvey Pell (Actor)
  • Christopher Berry as Deputy Sam Fuller (Actor)
  • David Oliver as Evil Bartender (Actor)
  • Jason Henning as Train Clerk (Actor)
  • King Orba as Railroad Enforcer (Actor)
  • Barbara Bartleson as Contention Woman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • James Blackburn as Gunfighter (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Brian Brown as Bad Guy #1 (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Trevor Coppola as William Marsh (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Harp Corrigan as Bisbee Townsman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Hugh Elliot as Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Graeme Ford as Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Darren Gibson as Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • KC King as Contention Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Melinda Kramer as Bisbee Townsperson (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Brent Lambert as Merchant (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Billy Lockwood as Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • J. Nathan Simmons as Town Drunk (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Art Usher as Contention Gunman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • James Mangold as (Director)

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Argentina:16 | Australia:MA15+ | Brazil:14 | Canada:14A (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario) | Canada:13+ (Quebec) | Chile:TE+7 | Finland:K-15 | Germany:16 | Ireland:15A | Japan:G | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand:R13 | Norway:15 | Peru:14 | Philippines:PG-13 (MTRCB) | Portugal:M/12 (Qualidade) | Singapore:PG | South Africa:13 | South Korea:15 | Sweden:15 | Taiwan:R-12 | UK:15 | USA:R (certificate #43654)

Rated R for violence and some language

Halsted Welles|Michael Brandt|Russell Crowe|Christian Bale|Ben Foster

  • Tree Line Films
  • Lionsgate
  • Relativity Media
  • Yuma
Plot for 3:10 to Yuma
Plot (Warning: May contain spoilers)

The legendary outlaw, Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and his gang have just robbed an armed stage coach carrying the Southern Pacific Railroads payroll. They kill everyone on-board except Pinkerton guard, Byron McElroy (Peter Fonda) whom Charlie Prince (Ben Foster), Wade’s right hand man, shoots in the belly. A poor rancher Dan Evans (Christian Bale) and his two sons, William (Logan Lerman) and Mark (Benjamin Petry), find McElroy and take him to Bisbee, Arizona to find a doctor.

Ben Wade separates from his gang and goes to meet with lovely Emma Nelson (Vinessa Shaw) in a nearby saloon, but learning of his presence in town, the sheriff immediately surrounds the building. Dan distracts Ben Wade, who is captured without a shot being fired. Railroad representative Grayson Butterfield (Dallas Roberts) asks for paid volunteers to join McElroy’s posse to take Wade to the train station in the town of Contention three days away.

The train is due at 3:10, and they must put Wade on the train’s prison car bound for Yuma. Once Wade arrives in Yuma, he will receive a quick trial in Federal Court and be hanged. Dan Evans, desperately needing money to save his farm, agrees to help transport Wade to Contention but he must be paid $200. The other paid volunteers who join the posse are Tucker (Kevin Durand) and Doc Potter (Alan Tudyk), the town’s veterinarian. Unfortunately for the posse, Charlie Prince sees what has happened to Wade, and he goes after the rest of the gang to help liberate Wade.

Despite a deception to fool the gang, the odds move in their favour, and in the end it’s Dan’s desire to impress his sons that means getting him on the train becomes a personal battle of wills.

In a hotel in Contention City, where the remains of the posse hide out, Wade continues to bargain for his freedom. Despite very tempting offers, Evans ignores his pleas. Wade’s gang rides into town, and, after locating their boss, recruit as many of the townspeople as possible with an offer of $200 for the successful killing of any member of Evans’ posse. The sheriff and his men, previously offering help to Evans, decide to surrender. They are gunned down, and Butterfield, terrified, offers Evans the $200 to just walk away.

Evans, realizing the parallels between his current situation and the one in which the government paid for his leg lost in the Civil War, says, It’s funny, if you think about it – which I have been lately – is…they weren’t paying me to walk away. They were paying me so they could walk away. Butterfield promises to see Evans’ son home, but Evans want Butterfield to promise more than that. He is convinced to pay off Evans’ debts, make sure his water flows, and that he will give $1000 dollars to his wife on Butterfield’s return. He agrees, and he and William hold up in a room down the hall.

When the time for action, Evans brings Wade outside and they run for the station. Wade’s gang pursues them relentlessly, and they barely make it to the station in one piece. At the very moment that the protagonist Dan Evans is putting Ben Wade onto the prison train, Wade’s gang shoots the rancher to death. Ben Wade takes his gun from his right-hand man Charlie Prince and, in an act of vengeance for the rancher who had earned his respect, murders every man of his gang. Ben Wade boards the prison train as a final act of symbolic tribute to the rancher who died getting him there, and whistles for his horse as the train drives into the distance.

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