7 Minutes (2014)

Cast & Director

7 Minutes (2014)

7 Minutes (2014)

92 min | Crime | Drama | Thriller | 26/06/2015
Rating: 5.2 / 10 from 1754 users
MPAA Rating: NR
Language: English
Director: Jay Martin
Creator: Jay Martin
Actors: Luke Mitchell, Zane Holtz, Jason Ritter, Brandon Hardesty, Kevin Gage,
Official Website: 7 Minutes (Depending on the age of the movie the website may no longer be active)

Don’t Get Caught

Three high school friends are forced to commit a brazen robbery which quickly goes horribly wrong.

A reasonably engaging movie with a few twists to keep you interested. A lot of flashbacks that serve to tie the friends stories together and illustrate what events led to their decision to rob a bank together. Add some pretty girls and handsome men and you have a movie worth watching.
7 Minutes is the movie that gets that city right. The ugliness of its downtown, the blandness of its raised freeways, and the abruptness of its transitions from rural to urban and urban to rural. Charles Mudede
A solid score and tight camerawork shows Martin’s background as a music video director translates well to big-screen work.Linda Barnard
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Car Chase
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Don't Get Caught
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  • Luke Mitchell as Sam (Actor)
  • Zane Holtz as Owen (Actor)
  • Jason Ritter as Mike (Actor)
  • Brandon Hardesty as Jerome (Actor)
  • Kevin Gage as Tuckey (Actor)
  • Leven Rambin as Kate (Actor)
  • Joel Murray as Uncle Pete (Actor)
  • Kris Kristofferson as Mr. B (Actor)
  • Chris Soldevilla as Doug (Actor)
  • Mariel Neto as Brandi (Actor)
  • Gretchen Krich as Agnes (Actor)
  • Meg McLynn as Dottie (Actor)
  • Rich Morris as Bruce (Actor)
  • Rodney Sherwood as Jerry (Actor)
  • Jessica Martin as Cashier (Actor)
  • Russell Hodgkinson as Lawrence (Actor)
  • D’Angelo Midili as Teddy (Actor)
  • Dylan Arnold as Johnny (Actor)
  • Michael Freiburger as Randy (Actor)
  • Tamarah Pearson as Mindy (Actor)
  • Eric Ray Anderson as Zip (Actor)
  • Rosalie Miller as Annie (as Rosalie Autumn Miller) (Actor)
  • Megan Barkley as Bunny (Actor)
  • Gerald Grissette as Receiver (Actor)
  • Heidi Barrientes as Hotel Maid (Actor)
  • Colin Joseph Cole as (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Fernando Duran as Male Bartender (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Ben Leiataua as Henchman (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Evgueni Petrov as (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Andra Petru as Football Fan (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Joseph R. Porter as (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Tom Ricciardelli as Mall Security #1 (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Luke Schuck as Grinder (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Conrad Wrobel as Bystander (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Jay Martin as (Director)

Check the censor’s rating in your region.

Australia:MA15+ (2015) | Netherlands:16 | South Korea:18 (2015) | UK:15


Jay Martin

  • Whitewater Films
Plot for 7 Minutes
Plot (Warning: May contain spoilers)

Three friends, Sam (Luke Mitchell), Mike (Jason Ritter) and Owen (Zane Holtz), are forced to commit a brazen robbery. What begins as a simple plan – ‘in and out in seven minutes’ – quickly becomes a dangerous game of life and death as complications arise. As each minute of the robbery unfolds, the stakes are pushed higher and higher. In the final act, Sam’s pregnant girlfriend Kate is kidnapped, escalating the situation even further and pressing the trio to do whatever they can to make it out alive.

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