51 (2011)

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51 (2011)

87 min | Horror | Sci-Fi | 28/07/2011
Rating: 3.5 / 10 from 2703 users
MPAA Rating: R
Language: English
Director: Jason Connery
Creator: Kenny Yakkel|Lucy Mukerjee-Brown|Tammi Arender|Randy Austin|Jillian Batherson|View more styles
Actors: Tammi Arender, Randy Austin, Jillian Batherson, Bruce Boxleitner, Vanessa Branch,
Official Website: 51 (Depending on the age of the movie the website may no longer be active)

Welcome to the future

51 chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to…

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Musical Score4.0
Special Effects7.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 3.8


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  • Tammi Arender as Sharon Solomon (Actor)
  • Randy Austin as Wounded Officer (Actor)
  • Jillian Batherson as Gomez (Actor)
  • Bruce Boxleitner as Col. Martin (Actor)
  • Vanessa Branch as Claire Felon (Actor)
  • Beau Brasseaux as Airman (as Beau Brasso) (Actor)
  • Sean Paul Braud as Penn Guard 1 (Actor)
  • Lena Clark as Mindy (Actor)
  • Ivan Djurovic as Lady Death (Actor)
  • J.D. Evermore as Smith (Actor)
  • Ryan H. Jackson as Airman (Actor)
  • Damon Lipari as Kevin (Actor)
  • Jason London as Aaron ‘Shoes’ Schumacher (Actor)
  • Jed Maheu as Patient Zero (Actor)
  • Rachel Miner as Sgt. Hanna (Actor)
  • Bruce Sanders Jr. as Airman Sanders (Actor)
  • Andrew Sensenig as Dr. Keane (Actor)
  • Luke Sexton as Lt. Walters (Actor)
  • John Shea as Sam Whitaker (Actor)
  • Billy Slaughter as Dr. Haven (Actor)
  • Rob Steinberg as J Rod (voice) (Actor)
  • Julius Washington as Lt. Kamecki (Actor)
  • Ned Yousef as Airman Bexter (as Nedal Yousef) (Actor)
  • VyVy Nguyen as J Rod / Little Devil (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Todd Owens as Scientist (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Mark Rayner as Scientist (uncredited) (Actor)
  • Jason Connery as (Director)

Check the censor’s rating in your region.

Australia:R18+ | Germany:16 | Netherlands:16 | New Zealand:R18 | Singapore:M18 | South Korea:18 | Sweden:15 | UK:18 | USA:R (certificate #46552)

Rated R for bloody violence

Kenny Yakkel|Lucy Mukerjee-Brown|Tammi Arender|Randy Austin|Jillian Batherson|View more styles

  • After Dark Films
  • Signature Entertainment
Plot for 51
Plot (Warning: May contain spoilers)

Due to political pressure from the American public, the Air Force has decided to allow two well-known reporters limited access to the most secretive base on the planet. But when one of the base’s “long-term visitors” exploits this unprecedented visit as a chance to liberate himself and his fellow alien captives, Area 51 turns from a secure government base to a horrifying destination of terror.

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